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Anthurium warocqueanum

Anthurium warocqueanum

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Aptly named the Queen Anthurium–a gorgeous plant with long, narrow leaves that have a thick leathery feel and silver venations. A remarkable feature about this Anthurium (and not unlike others), the Queen anthurium is known to take on slightly different characteristics like leaf width, vein darkness, and even the sheen of the leaf. Such a spectacular species to grow. The key to keeping an Anthurium healthy is to try to mimic their natural habitat as best as you can. These plants typically grow on trees or other plants with plenty of rain and wind to keep those roots consistently moist. Don't allow your Queen to dry out too much, or you might risk browning leaf tips. Give your Anthurium warocqueanum plenty of humidity (at least 65%) with good air flow and bright indirect light. We typically pot ours up in Spagmoss, or a coarse mix of coco husk, perlite, worm castings, and spag. Be careful about overwatering if you have it in a lower humidity environment

Please note aesthetic damage to the leaves as shown in photos. 

Anthurium is the largest genus of the Arum (Araceae) family of about 1000 flowering plant species, including both epiphytic and terrestrial plants. Native to rainforests of Central and South America, the majority of Anthurium can be found growing on the sides of trees or in canopy wells above the ground. Anthurium is a widely diverse genus beloved for its seriously stunning foliage that takes on many shapes, sizes, and textures. 

Check out the blog for detailed Anthurium care tips.

This is a growers choice plant. Each plant is unique and yours will vary slightly in shape, size, and quirks. The photos represent the average size available. Some natural differences from the photos are to be expected.

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