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Full Service Plant Care for Homes

Full Service Plant Care for Homes

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Our full-service plant care sessions are tailored to your unique needs. If you don't have any plants, we'll discuss your plans to add some. If you do already have some green friends, consider this session a spa day for them.

We'll provide attentive care including watering, pest control, fertilization, trimming, repotting, and propagation. Moreover, if you're keen to enhance your plant-care skills, our visits are an excellent opportunity to learn more. We can personalize your learning journey to suit your needs.

Select your booking type from the dropdown, answer a few questions, and choose the date that works best for you then we'll be in touch!

A plant care visit is great for...

  • New plant parents seeking best practices
  • Diagnosing and treating plant health issues with your plants
  • Brainstorming ideas to decorate your home with plants
  • And more
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