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Plant Care Session

Plant Care Session

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Plants are an easy way to make any space more warm and inviting, but not everyone has the time or energy to ensure they thrive–They are living things after all! Consider this session a spa day for your plants. They will be looked over and given the attention they need. Including but not limited to: watering, pest prevention and treatment, fertilization, trimming/dead leaf removal, repotting, or propagating.

If you are interested in learning how to do more yourself, these visits are a great way to build your expertise. We can help personalize your learning journey to take on the plant care yourself if you desire. This is perfect for people who have lost plants in the past and feel a bit discouraged about trying again. We will provide compassionate, non-judgemental guidance to help you be the best plant parent you can be!


1-hour visit: $80

Purchase multiple 1-hour visits for as low as $60 per visit

Save the most with 1-hour visit monthly subscriptions for $50 per visit

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